CutterCraft has a great range of cookie cutters, handmade right here in Melbourne. We enjoy baking and decorating these shapes to inspire you and show you how good a simple biscuit can look! We also have a good range of decorating tools and supplies plus mini cookie cutters ideal for baking bite size cookies or making cupcake toppers.

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  • Set includes heart textured rolling pin, straight edge cutter, Mum acrylic embosser and matching Mum handmade tinplate steel cookie cutter. Size 12×5.5cm. 2cm high. All in one kit to make gorgeous cookies for Mum! Use your straight edge cutter and your embosser as your guide to cut your fondant shape and use it upside down to cut your perfect cookie too! The perfect way to celebrate Mothers’s Day with a set of special cookies and also add Mum’s favourite shape like a flower, a butterfly or dress to name a few! What Mum wouldn’t enjoy a homemade gift with all the things she likes!


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  • Set of 3 small filler tools.  MAUVE IN COLOUR. Lines, invert dots, outer dots. Approx. 13cm long. Tapered design, perfect for frilling and ruffling with different designs using fondant or modelling clays. Plastic. Ideal for cake decorating, cookie decorating. A must have for every crafter and decorator.

    Made in China.


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  • Set includes both our beginner and intermediate 2 disc instructional DVD sets (Over 7 hours of decorating lessons!) geometric shape tin set, non stick rolling pin, modelling pad, set of 3 frilling tools, 3mm thick 30cm fondant rolling guides, set of 8 decorating tools, sugar glue, 2x brushes, food grade edible texta, straight edge cutter, small flower cutter, pansy 5 petal mini cutter, scallop and hexagon cookie cutter, cashous/sugar balls, flower palette, 2x dusting powders, rolling/embossing wheel cutter, pattern rolling pin, photos and instructions, delicious recipes plus 50 different ideas to make using a cookie cutter.

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  • Size 23cm x 2.5cm diameter. A non-stick polyethylene rolling pin ideal for use with fondant, gum paste, modelling clays and dough. Both ends perfect formed to be the best balling tool when perfecting petals etc.

    Proudly made in Melbourne.


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  • Handmade non stick rolling pin. 15cm length. 2cm diameter. The ideal size for those little projects, easy to handle, easy to roll, non stick. Perfect for use on fondant, gumpaste, modelling or sculpting clay. Once you have one of these you will never turn back!

    Goes hand in hand with the green non stick working mat to make life easy!. Eliminate the frustration of using cornflour and contaminating your bright coloured fondant or clay.


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  • This terrific little tool rolls while cutting or embossing fondant or modelling clay. Double ended small and medium wheel, ideal for getting in and around smaller corners and areas.

    Colour PINK Made in China

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