CutterCraft has a great range of cookie cutters, handmade right here in Melbourne. We enjoy baking and decorating these shapes to inspire you and show you how good a simple biscuit can look! We also have a good range of decorating tools and supplies plus mini cookie cutters ideal for baking bite size cookies or making cupcake toppers.

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  • Food grade sugar glue and brush set for all things cake decorating. With your brush, use to glue together fondant and gumpaste to other fondant, cookies and required edible sufaces. Small amount needed only.

  • Ever have trouble rolling out your cookie dough to the perfect height? Or fondant the perfect thickness? We now provide the perfect answer. Acrylic strips to use as guides when rolling your dough.

    2mm, 3mm, 6mm or 8mm

    60cm lengths also available for the bigger projects. Acrylic may be clear or green tint. Check out all our rolling pin guides.


  • Choose from the following sizes:

    2mm, 3mm, 6mm or 8mm

    30cm lengths also available. Acrylic may be clear or green tint. Check out all our rolling pin guides.

  • Size 23cm x 2.5cm diameter. A non-stick polyethylene rolling pin ideal for use with fondant, gum paste, modelling clays and dough.

    Proudly made in Melbourne.

  • Handmade acrylic letters green tint. 19.5-20cm high and 10cm at widest part.

    Purchase individually or as a set. Choose your option below.


  • Handmade acrylic circle. Size 29cm round with centre cutout 8cm. Green tint. Make on trend number tarts, pastries, or layered biscuits with your favourite fillings, topped with glorious decorations, florals, fruits and macarons. Or just fun, exciting iced cookies for any occasion, using fondant or royal icing! I think huge donut! Yum! The doors have opened to create quick, easy and creative designs using these simple shapes and eliminate the time consuming need of having to find a font, print, enlarge and make a template, then to finally cut out your number ready for baking. Centre pieces of relevant letters are also provided to you so you can accompany with smaller creations. Use individually or accompany with other numbers to create aged events.

    Complete numbers set also available for purchase. See listing. Alphabet sets also available. Made in Melbourne.

  • Craft knife with additional ribbon insertion tool. Ideal tool to cut fondant and gum paste shapes free hand or with use of a template. Works well using scallop acrylic template set. Tip- Hold blade upright, not on an angle for precision cutting.

  • Acrylic rolling pin. Size 16cm rolling pin. 1.4cm diameter. Pattern area 13.5cm. A wonderful embossed pattern achieved with little effort ! Ideal for use with fondant, gum paste, play doh or modelling clays. With over 40 designs to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas again!

    Available in a variety of designs.

    Made in China.

  • Fine detail Sugarcraft brush Size 4

  • Fine detail Sugarcraft brush Size 1

  • Rose Petal piping tip. Use with large coupler also available. A great variety of different piping effects can be achieved for decorating cupcakes, cookies and cakes including roses using buttercream or royal icing.

    Stainless steel. Made in China.

  • Handmade tinplate steel cake cutting rings. Choose your size below. Available in 5” to 11” sizes. Actual size is ½” less than the standard sizing to allow for ganache or buttercream coatings using your ganache boards to level and even. The best investment you can ever make…look after them and they will last a lifetime!