CutterCraft has a great range of cookie cutters, handmade right here in Melbourne. We enjoy baking and decorating these shapes to inspire you and show you how good a simple biscuit can look! We also have a good range of decorating tools and supplies plus mini cookie cutters ideal for baking bite size cookies or making cupcake toppers.

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3D flower pot handmade cookie cutter set with how to instructions


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Handmade 3D FLOWER POT cookie cutter kit with ‘how to’ instructions. Finished box size @17cm high. It’s fun! And decorated in a multitude of colours can suit any person! Kit includes, blossom flower handmade cookie cutter, small, medium and large square handmade cookie cutters, 5x pop sticks that can be baked and complete step by step photos and instructions how to make you own 3D flower pot, including recipes for royal icing and vanilla cookies. Plus learn how to make coloured cookie dough.

All items can be purchased individually, but we have a special price of $20.00 for this amazing kit!

Handmade in Melbourne.


Cutters have many uses in baking, craft and textiles. It is ideal, used in the kitchen, for cutting cookie dough, shortbread, fondant icing, sandwiches, fruits and cheese plus also can be used with modelling clay in ceramics and pottery, jewellery making, fimo, sculpy and even playdoh. Or how about using it as a stencil in felting, scrapbooking, candle and soap making. The cooking and craft ideas are endless.

Care instructions: Wipe cutters and store in air tight container. The butter in the dough will protect the cutter. If need to wash, place in turned off, warm oven to ensure cutter is dried thoroughly and store in air tight container.

Weight 116 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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