CutterCraft has a great range of cookie cutters, handmade right here in Melbourne. We enjoy baking and decorating these shapes to inspire you and show you how good a simple biscuit can look! We also have a good range of decorating tools and supplies plus mini cookie cutters ideal for baking bite size cookies or making cupcake toppers.

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Letter N alphabet acrylic template 20cm ~ narrow font


Handmade acrylic letters. Green tint. 19.5-20cm high. 8.3cm wide. Make on trend letter tarts, pastries, or layered biscuits with your favourite fillings, topped with glorious decorations, florals, fruits and macarons. Or just fun, exciting iced cookies for any occasion, using fondant or royal icing! The doors have opened to create quick, easy and creative designs using these simple shapes and eliminate the time consuming need of having to find a font, print, enlarge and make a template, then to finally cut out your letter ready for baking. Centre pieces of relevant letters are also provided to you. Use individually or accompany with other letters to create initials or names.

Full alphabet set available for purchase. Includes free straight edge cutters to cut out the middles easily and cleanly. See listing. Made in Melbourne.


Acrylic templates – Wash in warm water with detergent to clean, ready for next use. Dry well.

Weight 54 g
Dimensions 3.2 × 20 × .5 cm