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One Heart Foundation

Empowering entire communities and transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

For the last 13 years, One Heart have been empowering entire communities and transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

If we are to give a true hand up rather than just another hand out, we need to change the traditional approach to charity.

If we are to truly break the poverty cycle we need to think smarter, be more entrepreneurial, work more collaboratively, and develop a sustainable model for community development that embeds sustainable long term change in the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable children and see them rise up to become the leaders of tomorrow.

That is what One Heart Foundation is all about.

Change the life of a child by giving them the gift
of a safe, loving home, access to healthcare,
and a quality education.

Through your sponsorship of only $55 per month, we can secure a place for a child as part of the One Heart scholarship program for orphaned and vulnerable children, and cover the costs of their needs including food, clothes, schooling, basic health care and most importantly, giving them a place to belong within One Heart’s caring and inspiring community.

One Heart Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organisation (ABN 78 602 804 599)