RECIPE Royal Icing (using egg white powder)

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1 kg pure icing sugar
22gms egg white powder. 
150ml TOTAL of water and lemon juice (OR vanilla OR almond) 

Easy method ~ Place all ingredients in your mixer. Mix on medium speed for about 4 minutes till combined and plump.
Do not over mix.

Recipe tips ~
-when the icing has dried on a cookie, try it, if it is not crunchy enough for your liking then add a couple grams more) IF it is too hard and crunchy, for your liking, then add a gram or 2 less)
-(I generally use 2 juicy lemons or 80ml lemon juice and the remaining water) OR use all lemon for a very tangy icing. It depends on what you like. -I generally do not sift, and do not often have a problem, but you can if you wish or give it a light blitz before adding wet ingredients.