CutterCraft Cookie Recipe e-Booklet 2023

CutterCraft Cookie Recipe e-Booklet 2023


So MANY RECIPES! Our brand new recipe booklet for 2023 features our original and best recipes PLUS all new flavours!

  • From Peanut Butter to Cookies and Cream we have 9 NEW RECIPES for you to try!
  • Vanilla Cookies – All of Our Original Recipe. Soft and close to the shortbread family
  • Shortbread – Buttery & Soft
  • Gingerbread – Mild & Yum

After asking our family and friends to be involved in our market research testing out
our new cookie recipes, we have received an influx of positive feedback! The results
show that all versions of cookie dough recipes we have played with and tested, have
incredible qualities which left our participants feeling divided on which version
they liked best. This has left us with no choice, but to provide you each recipe to try
yourselves and decide which one your taste palette enjoys more !

Two of the recipes are the same with one little alteration, that completely changes the
taste when adding icing and behold, a completely different recipe that is designed to be
eaten with no icing at all! Its sweetness is so balanced and flavoursome that it doesn’t
need any form of fondant or royal icing. These would look fabulous with a simple
embossed pattern on them. So, yes you have that right ! 3 new delicious recipes !
We have also included our very popular vanilla cookie recipe, a divine shortbread plus
a mild tasting gingerbread and a delicious cinnamon recipe too, so that’s 7 recipes that
will keep your taste buds busy !

To make your baking experience as easy as possible, I have added an ‘Cookie
troubleshooting and facts’ section.

This list is to aide those pesky little problems we all encounter at one point or another,
like butter issues and also to enlighten you a little further about ‘cookie spread’.