PRE-RECORDED Flower Vase Platter Online Cookie Decorating Class
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PRE-RECORDED Flower Vase Platter Online Cookie Decorating Class



Floral Vase Platter ONLINE decorating class. Gain a full understanding of consistencies and decorating and learning using royal icing with extra ideas and tips.

Have you ever wanted to create some big, beautiful, puffy flowers and not know where to begin? Not know what icing to use? Not want ‘break your teeth’ icing? Not knowing what tools to use ? Well, welcome to my life ! Ha

I was totally the same and decided to just start playing and trialling some ideas and see what they came out like. And they turned out pretty good and the best bit included is a glaze type recipe so your flowers when dry have a softer bite than regular royal icing.

I added a couple of cookie cutters extra and created a beautiful vase of florals. Actually using 3 simple shapes and a few piping tips to create a magnificent piece.

I’m no expert at all, but I was pretty excited to put this video together, totally ideal for beginners, and loads of fun trying to create different ideas that I hope you enjoy.

In our step by step video I talk all the way through it with ideas along the way and gives you a further insight to working with glaze, trouble shooting and a few extra ideas.

We have put a Class In A Kit together which includes all the cookie cutters, piping tips, piping bags and materials, recipes and instructions to make this floral vase complete.

Everything you need is in this kit to make a wonderful gift for someone or just test you’re decorating hand at something you’ve wanted to try for a while.

The full video which not only includes royal icing and glaze recipes but also making cookies with little tips along the way.

We have kept it raw and mostly unedited, so if you’re a beginner you can feel comfortable and see it real life with us. No smokes and mirrors, just the magic as it happens.